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I miss Memaw.

Happy Friday. Since I spent the day at work (and got off at 9 pm, yick), I don’t have the immense energy required to give Jersey Shore the full treatment it deserves, so I’m going to kick this thing off with a little discussion of MTV’s Teen Mom.

I am a newcomer to Teen Mom, but I watched every episode of 16 and Pregnant with rapt attention. For one thing, I find the entire concept of teen pregnancy somewhat baffling this day and age. I mean, I get it, kids think they’re invincible and whatever. But what kid today doesn’t know the basics about about birth control? I just don’t buy the argument that teen girls can’t get their hands on reliable contraception — hello, Planned Parenthood is everywhere.  I just don’t get it.

Another fascinating thing about 16 and Pregnant was the wide variety of responses among the girls to the inconvient and scary situation of finding oneself pregnant at 16. One of the teen moms, Catelynn, made the difficult decision to give her child up for adoption rather than trying to raise her in a home where Catelynn’s own mother was abusing drugs. Catelynn and her boyfriend seem wise beyond their tender years for making such a difficult but unselfish decision. On the other end of the spectrum was Farrah, a cheerleader/”model” who made life a living hell for her long-suffering parents, while seeming rather unconcerned with her impending motherhood and continuing to go on dates while preggers. Ick.

Now, on Teen Mom, we get to see how these girls are handling motherhood. It’s a real emotional rollercoaster. Not for the teen moms, so much, but more for me.  I mean, when I see Maci struggling to make her no-good boyfriend Ryan give a crap that he has a child, I feel frustrated. When I watch Amber and Gary sharing a romantic, scented-candlelit meal of Crackerbarrel meatloaf in a cheap hotel room, I feel sad. When I watch Tyler and Catelynn struggle with their decision to give their child up for adoption, I feel compassion. And when I see Farrah go on dates with older foreign dudes while her parents babysit her child, I want to slap a b***h. I’m not a violent person, but I challenge anyone to watch the clip below and not want to smack Farrah upside the head:

Also, I kinda wonder what happened to the other girls who were on 16 and Pregnant but didn’t make it to Teen Mom, like poor Whitney and whatshisface, who both seemed so sincere and earnest and kinda slow. To be honest, I mainly miss Whitney’s ponytail-wearing grandma, Memaw. She was super mean, but she was mean because she cared.

I miss you, Memaw.

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