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Teen Mom rundown!

OMG, I am SO behind in my TV watching. This is obviously unacceptable.  First order of business is to get caught up with Teen Mom. A few brief comments on each girl:


Amber and Gary are by far the most boring of all of the couples to me.  I mean, they both seem a little nuts and out of touch with reality, but they are strangely uncompelling. Their baby is really cute, though.


Ryan is good for NOTHIN’. I liked when the truck driving guy tried to set him straight.  Too bad Ryan’s barrier of impenetrable sullenness repels any attempts to talk sense into him.


Why doesn’t Farrah open her mouth all the way when she talks? She always talks through her teeth. I don’t like it. I don’t like her.  Although I guess she is being a better mom than she was last week, since she has decided to “take a break from dating” to, you know, care for her child.


I feel like I would be remiss if I didn’t comment on Catelynn’s stepdad/Tyler’s dad, Butch. Oh, Butch. Butch, Butch, Butch. What to say about Butch? He unabashedly sports a long, flowing mullet. He has a scratch across his face from a fight he got into with Catelynn’s mom. He has at least one outstanding warrant against him.  He only EVER wears muscle shirts, even though he lives in Michigan.

He’s also kind of an a-hole. This clip is from an earlier episode — watch him get into it with Catelynn and suggest that she shouldn’t have given her child up for adoption:

I am truly amazed at how calm Catelynn stayed during most of that exchange. When I was her age, I would have been weeping and screeching and stomping my feet like 2 seconds in (okay, okay, I’d probably be weeping and screeching and stomping around at this age, too). But she kept her cool for a long time while Butch yelled at her and flipped his mullet around. She eventually lost it, but who can blame her? He was baiting her and getting in her face (literally).

It’s also super crazy to me how Tyler, this seventeen year old kid, acts as the parent to Butch in this week’s episode, calmly suggesting that maybe going back to jail will allow him to get his priorities straight again.  How did Tyler and Catelynn get their heads screwed on so straight when their parents are so unstable? Sheesh.

Can’t wait to see what happens next week. I just hope Butch makes a cameo!


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