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So, I’m watching Jersey Shore (the episode where they go to Atlantic City) but I’m a little tired since I just spent the last hour and a half cleaning my apartment and making hummus (in preparation for a little get-together I’m having tomorrow night), so I will just make a few comments:

  • First, a question: why is everyone always apologizing to Sammi when she is always the one causing trouble?  She’s such a manipulator. This week, she got mad at Snookers for having the audacity to tell Sammi that she, Snickers, missed hanging out with Sammi and Ronnie, since they only spend time with each other and don’t party with everyone else (like at Karma and Beachcombers, the hottest spots in Seaside Heights). Anyway, Snooki’s concern somehow was interpreted as a grave offense against Sammi (as per usual) and Snicks ended up apologizing. Ugh. Sammi is intolerable. I’m glad I don’t actually know her. But in a way, I kinda do know her. Hmm.  By the way, I think I’ve finally figured out the Nicole/Snooki/Snickers/Snookers name convention, which is that you have to call her by a different name each time you refer to her.  Brilliant!
  • The gross drunk girl that Mike brought home in the beginning of the episode is representative of what I imagine to be the typical, gross drunk girl at the Jersey Shore, plus, she has the added grossness factor of knowing she’s on TV while she’s having sex with The Situation in a hot tub, which somehow makes her fundamental grossness worse.  I have to admit that when she fell down the stairs, some evil, bad part of me enjoyed it.  I know. I’m not proud of it, but there it is.
  • I like Vinnie.  And I’m glad he hooked up with Mike’s sister.
  • I also like J-Woww, despite her inexplicably creepy boobage.
  • Best quote of the episode had to be Pauly-D on Judaism: “I don’t even understand this religion, what it is; I just want to get to the business.”

A lot of food for thought this week, clearly. One observation: I think that that this show is fundamentally about artificial (and frequently alcohol-infused) relationships. It’s all about mind games, playing people, doing things within earshot or eyesight of someone else to get a reaction. It’s all about insecurity. I think that’s why this show is so compelling, because even though the Jersey Shore kids are caricatures of themselves (the hair! the accents! the tans! the muscles! the wearing of bras as shirts!), I think we can all recognize a little bit of ourselves (or, more likely, our former, high school or college selves) in at least some of their behaviors.  The mind games and sniping and hurt feelings are the result of throwing a bunch of immature, insecure, young people into a house and letting the booze flow freely.  This show is interesting because it’s a powerful combination of complete artificiality (the excessive preening and posturing) and raw insecurity, exposed thanks to the inhibition-loosening effects of alcohol.

We all like watching Jersey Shore because it’s funny and the characters say ridiculous things (see, e.g., Pauly-D’s interaction with the Israeli girl he met), but I suspect many of us also like it because it pulls at that creepy, tiny little part of ourselves that can actually relate to the outrageous, desperate behavior that these kids exhibit on a regular basis.  It’s like going to the monkey house at the zoo: everything’s fun and games until you realize that you like bananas, too.


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  1. * Tim says:

    Hey, nice random blog about jersey shore etc. I read this guy Bill Simmons, who’s a sports columnist for, and he’s like you in that he’s crazy into random tv shows. So he’s doing this thing where he’s comparing the playoff games to Jersey Shore characters, and I thought I must share! Here goes:

    Cardinals at Saints as a “Jersey Shore” Character: J-Woww. It’s definitely going to be easy to score. All types of touchdowns are in play. And much like this game, J-Woww has an over/under of 57.

    Ravens at Colts as a “Jersey Shore” Character: Sammi Sweetheart. At first glance, super attractive. Upon further review, more trouble then it’s worth. A stay away.

    Cowboys at Vikings as a “Jersey Shore” Character: Snooki. Just an ongoing Greek tragedy, but entertaining anyway.

    Jets at Chargers as a “Jersey Shore” Character: Vinny. He’s gaining steam as the season goes long; so are the Jets.

    Maybe that’ll make the boy-tv more entertaining for you this weekend. And I must see this j-woww character..

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 6 months ago
    • * eteffi says:

      Thanks Tim. This almost inspires me to start watching football. Almost.

      And yes, you do need to see this J-Woww character. Her boobs scare me.


      | Reply Posted 8 years, 6 months ago

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