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Teenage MILFs


My cousin told me that this past week’s episode of Teen Mom would make me hate Amber, and she was kinda right. Amber is one of the most disagreeable people ever, and it seems she derives the only joy in her life from ragging on poor, hapless Gary. One of my friends asked recently me if I could figure out what, precisely, Amber and Gary fight about, and to be honest, I have no idea. They are always fighting, but it remains really unclear what the actual problem is.  Gary may be sort of a dim bulb, but I am pretty sure he doesn’t deserve the abuse that Amber constantly heaps on him.

And, whoa, Amber’s dad with his ponytail and gold earrings!  Where did he come from?! I don’t know what I thought her dad would look like, but bedragged, vaguely-Latin mafioso was not what I was expecting. Weird.


Here’s a question about Maci and Ryan: Maci seems like a smart girl and comes from a supportive, financially well-off family (judging by their big, nice house) — so how the heck did she get involved with a sneering, Ed-Hardy-wearing loser like Ryan? I mean, I guess as a general rule, teens aren’t renowned for making awesome relationship/life choices, but it just seems like Maci would be the type of girl who would at least get knocked up by a nice boy. Go fig.


Does it seem to anyone else like Farrah just goes through the motions with her kid? She seems bored the entire time she is with that baby. Sad.  Also, hearing Farrah and her trashy friend talk about their love lives (and Farrah referring to herself as a “single MILF”) was really creepy. They’re teenagers! I felt like I was watching a really boring Sex & the City episode.


Tatelynn – my faves! One interesting revelation about them: I looked up Richmond, Michigan, which is where Catelynn’s crackhead mom and Tyler’s criminal dad just moved (and is near where Catelynn and Tyler still live) and I learned that it’s not actually that far from where I grew up. It’s only an hour (45 miles) away to the northeast from Birmingham, my hometown.  Surprising! I guess I just assumed they were further north or west in the state, or something.  Anyway. This is probably meaningless to non-Michigan peeps, but there it is.

OMG, when Tyler asks Catelynn’s mom if she approves of him proposing to her, I got goosebumps. So sweet. And when they go to their nice dinner and Tyler proposes, I cried. For reals. The proposal was the sweetest, most heartfelt proposal I think I’ve ever heard. Ugh, love it. Love them.

A good end to a good show!! Can’t wait until the finale special with Dr. Drew!

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