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Bachelor: the San Francisco treat.

Okay, warning up front: can’t blog much of the Bach at all tonight because I have to go to bed, like, now.  But I would be remiss if I didn’t comment at ALL on the fact that this week the gang is in San Francisco, a city I know very well. I have to see how The Bachelor version of the city matches up to the place I know and love. We’ll see if Jake takes the girls to any legit San Francisco locales.

Hmm, so Jake takes Tenley on a super predictable date in Chinatown, where they giggled while trying on coolie hats and ate dumplings in one of the over-priced, crappy restaurants on Grant. They also went to a fortune cookie factory and wrote each other sappy messages to be placed in the cookies. Blech. Actually, full disclosure: I have been to a fortune cookie factory in San Francisco. I just remembered! I went on a field trip with my doofy cultural anthropology class freshman year of college. We also went to a Chinese apothecary where they sold dried lizards to be boiled in tea, to cure what ails ya. Let’s see if Jake takes Tenley there — that would be fun!

Okay, so, for dinner, he takes Tenley to gorgeous San Francisco landmark Coit Tower. That’s right — they eat dinner in Coit Tower. Color me impressed!  Jake’s really moved up from taking dates to Sea World, huh.

Post-date verdict: I still like Tenley, despite her annoying voice. She seems like a nice person, who deserves an equally nice man. She and Jake seem like they could be a good, boring match. I can see them sitting around talking about the weather together, and enjoying it. I approve.

Final thought: do we believe Jake when he says, “the woman I marry will be the last woman I look at?” I mean, I’m sure Tenley would like to believe that. But doesn’t that sound kind of weird coming from a man who is participating in a drawn-out, bizarre group date where he makes out (and possibly sleeps with) with multiple women, all of whom are competing tooth and nail for his affection? Maybe it’s just me…


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