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Bach – Women Tell All

I want to manage expectations right off the bat here by saying that I will not be thoroughly blogging this mess. Can’t do it. Too painful. But just a few comments:

1) Why did all of those girls wave with both hands when they were being introduced? Is that a thing?

2) It’s weird, Ashley H. seems smarter and somewhat less annoying now that she is a brunette. Good thing, too, since *SPOILER ALERT* she’s gonna be the next Bachelorette, eh?

3) How fake is Michelle? I think this lady is a better actor than we’re giving her credit for. I mean, she already has a burgeoning career in the Mormon movie industry:

Midway to Heaven trailer

I smell Oscar!

4) Okay, you won’t hear me say this often, but something I do like about Brad: that he says “woman” when referring to a woman, and not “girl.” Especially since some of these broads are like, my age (i.e., OLD). I am woman, hear me roar.

5) Um, are they giving away the ending here? Guys? I feel like they just gave it away.

K, see you next week… oh wait, no I won’t, because I’ll be in Puerto Rico with my boyfriend!!! Which is way better than vicariously being in Capetown with Brad Womack! So yeah. I’ll catch you guys on the flippity flop (aka After the Final Rose).


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