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Weird Wives

I watched Sister Wives for the first time tonight, and was disappointed in its boringness. Obviously, these people are freaks (they’re a polygamist family with five wives and like 90 kids) but they’re pretty boring freaks. And actually, those crazy Morms seem more well adjusted and happy than another reality TV “religious” wife, Alexis from the Real Housewives of Orange County.

As you’ll recall, I think Alexis and her husband Jim are straight up creepy, and I find their displays of “Christianity” to be supremely cynical. Apparently, in Alexis’s version of Christianity, it’s okay to refer to your own, silicone-enhanced body as “sinful” as long as your gross husband is always “the boss” and “the king” and orders you around. Jim’s duties as a father and husband, meanwhile, appear to be limited to giving his children and wife perfunctory “blessings” on their way out the door and then ignoring them. GROSS. (Also, of all the Bible verses to cherry pick, as a woman, why focus so intently on the ones about the woman being subservient to her husband? It seems oddly self-defeating, doesn’t it?)

For me, the difference between Alexis/Jim and Kody/all of his wacky wives is that I actually believe that the polygamists are sincere in their (admittedly crazy) beliefs, while Jim and Alexis seem to be putting on some sort of self-righteous act as if to prove to the world that their marriage is solid (even as Jim constantly criticizes Alexis and she constantly complains). Of course, I can’t know what’s in anyone else’s heart so I can’t say whether or not they are sincerely Christian, and that’s not really the point, I guess. The point is that they *seem* fake, and they creep me out.

Never thought I’d say this, but hey, polygamist family on Sister Wives! You guys keep on keeping on.


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