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B’ette Wrap-Up

We’re back!

Constantine takes himself out of the game because he’s just not feeling it, and I must say, I am impressed. He did it exactly right: he wrangled a free trip to Taiwan, Thailand, and Fiji, he didn’t have to sleep with Ashley and he still came off as an honorable man. Well played, Constantine. Well played, indeed.

Okay, so now, fresh from Constantine’s rejection, Ashley has to go deal with Ryan. She shows up to his room all bubbly and tells him that his coming back to Fiji proves that he is the guy she thought he was (“one of the best guys I’ve ever met in my life”)… BUT, there is no passion with him, and, she tells him, she found that passion with two other people. Ouchies. Ryan handles it pretty horribly, telling her he’s “so happy” for her but also asking her in this weird, choked, desperate voice, “am I ever gonna find it?” (“It” being love). Ugh, Ryan, go home. Please. Just go home already. And shave.

JP’s date – Ashley wears her weirdest get-up yet, an uber-short, uber-patterned long sleeve shirt with uber-short jean shorts. Anyway. Their date (“deet” in Ashleyspeak) involved taking a sea plane. *Cue soaring music as camera pans away from sea plane rising over picturesque island.*

JP grasps for reassurance from Ashley that she doesn’t like other guys as much as she likes him.  I wouldn’t worry, JP. The foreshadowing going on here is pretty intense – we get it, Ashley, you like JP! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a season of the B’ette that laid it on so thick re: who was going to win before. Because c’mon, is there any way JP is not gonna win at this point?

Blah, blah, making out, making out… I can’t even waste key strokes on this.

The rose ceremony is boring, since there are two roses and two guys. Guess what?! They both get one!!

Next week should be way better – seriously excited for the smackdown from Ashley’s sister!


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