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Some Teen Moms Are Turrible

Just turrible.

Farrah and Amber especially. I know that, speaking objectively, Amber is probably a worse person than Farrah – she beat up her hapless baby daddy, Gary, and is pretty much evil – but Farrah is such a disrespectful little poo, it makes me all rage-y inside.

In this week’s episode, Farrah’s long-suffering parents brought her out to Arizona to look at apartments. This was preceded by a conversation in which Farrah announces, apropos of nothing, that she wants to move to Arizona. Her mother, Debra, expresses concern because of the “controversy involving illegal immigrants” there. Farrah’s response? “They’ve cracked down since then.” Yes, Farrah, I think the cracking down was the problem. Idiot.

So I guess Farrah wants to live in Arizona because it’s warm and there are palm trees? Unclear. But nonetheless, Farrah and her parents and her child fly out to Arizona, and the entire time Farrah is absolutely insufferable, whining and complaining as her parents drive her all over Scottsdale to try to find an apartment. At dinner, her mother makes a suggestion that Farrah join a real estate club to try to find available apartments, and Farrah snaps, “Well why didn’t you help me with that before we came out here?” Yeah, parents! Why didn’t you find an apartment for her in another state that you don’t want her to move to before she forced you to come out to that state and drive her all over hell??

If I had a teenager like Farrah, I might – just might – murder her. Maybe with a hammer?

Meanwhile, I can’t watch Catelynn and Tyler without crying a little bit. They are so sweet.  In this episode, Catelynn’s dad, who she hasn’t seen for 4 years, shows up from Florida and stays with her for a few days, and it kinda just makes me sad. But you know what? Catelynn and Tyler are gonna be okay.  I am not worried about them.


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