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Facelifts and Camels and Ululating, Oh No.

A couple of brief thoughts on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, in no particular order:

  • I like how every time anyone on a reality show gets elective plastic surgery (see, e.g., Kris Jenner), it is treated as a Grave and Serious Situation, in which everyone speaks in hushed tones and hopes for the best and holds prayer vigils for the patient. I mean, yes, face lifts are serious business and, as Usher’s mom taught us, can kill you. But guess what, idiots? They’re optional! No one forced Kyle Richards’ mother-in-law to get that completely unnecessary face lift, so maybe we can just skip the whole whispered bedside vigil, eh?
  • That poor, unfortunate camel who was trotted in for Pandora’s engagement party! Someone call Animal Protective Services! I feel like he’d be better off being beaten by Bedouins in the middle of some windswept desert than at that horrid party.
  • Speaking of Pandora, why does she have a British accent and her brother, who appears to be close in age to her, have an American accent? Is this something the family acknowledges, or is it just swept under the rug?
  • Random Fame-hungry Crazy B***h Party Attendee Dazza: are she and Dana in cahoots to try and get a pathetic spin-off out of this? Real Random Fame-hungry Crazy B***hes of Beverly Hills? Wait, that’s this show!
  • Kim’s boyfriend, holy moly! He looks like a cartoon mobster. Which seems appropriate, actually.
  • Can we call a moratorium on Real Housewives of any stripe ululating? Why are they always ululating??

See you next week.


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