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A word about the Bachelor.

Guys. I know you’re all aware that I haven’t been blogging the Bachelor this season, and I just want to let you know that I know that you know. Your displeasure has been duly noted. Ahem. The thing is, I have been going to trivia on Monday nights lately and I don’t get home until 10 pm, which means the Bach is necessarily pushed back a few days in the interest of my getting my oh-so-necessary beauty sleep.

But I do kinda miss blogging about it, mostly because I feed off of other people’s approval and, let’s face it, my Bachelor updates are really what you all are sticking around for. You’re not coming here for the Teen Mom. I know it, you know it.

SO, I will try to do some Bach blogging, but be forewarned, the posts will most likely not come on Monday nights. Cool?

Just as a teaser, let me give you a few brief thoughts on the hot mess that is this season so far. First, all the women appear to be outrageously wasted 24-7 and I like it! Taking a page from Ashley’s book, eh, ladies? The sloppy cattiness and the weird, oozy flirting with Ben really makes for riveting viewing, doesn’t it? Second, Ben needs to cut his hair, stop smiling winsomely at the camera, and, for the love of Mike, stop referring to San Francisco as “San Fran.” Ben, who’s from Sonoma (approx. 1.5 hours away from San Francisco), claims San Francisco as “his city” and yet sounds like a goofy tourist bumpkin when he refers to it as San Fran (hint: you cannot claim San Francisco as your own if you call it anything other than San Francisco or “The City”). I suppose no one has corrected him because all of his other friends are also goofy tourist bumpkins. I mean, it could be worse, I suppose: he could be calling it “Frisco” (*shudder*).

Thoughts on individual women: I like Emily and Kacie B. and hate everyone else. Blakely (or “Boobly” as my witty fiance calls her) is a huge mess and I feel sort of sorry for her, while Courtney is obviously bad to the bone and is playing her role as villain just perfectly. Can’t wait for the crappola to hit the fan when Ben finds out that she is, in fact, terrible. Also, I have to say that I’m sorry they eliminated crazy Jenna right off the bat. She had a lot of potential…. to have a total meltdown.

K. Promise to blog next week!


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