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And a follow-up (sort of)

Steve Ward, the King of the Douches, has remained silent, although his followers continue to tell me how “dumb” and “desperate” and “bitter” I must be for disagreeing with him. Yay Internet.

Anyway, I got this email last night from my awesome fiance — I’ll let him say to Steve Ward everything I forgot to mention last night:

Wow, that was some crazy shit with your tweet war with the tough love douche last night! I actually find the line of attack he used pretty offensive: he ad hominem (ad feminam?) attacks basically suggesting that you are not pretty and single (and implicitly a hater) if you disagree with him in any way. really unfortunate how his natural reaction was to go that direction. If I was you, I would be like, I’m hot as shit, I went to Harvard and I am one week away from getting married to a guy who is crazy about me. Suck it, son! But that would be my approach, not yours.
Love you lots.


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