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One more and then I’ll stop.

Just a small sampling of some of the bile people have been spewing at me on Twitter for daring to call out super a-hole Steve Ward for being a professional woman-hater:

Mary Richards ‏ @maryrichards16 @stevenbward @eteffi because she’s an idiot! You help these women find love for real reasons! I feel bad for the guy who’s marrying you.

Colleen Byers ‏ @colbyers @stevenbward I can’t believe you engaged with @eteffi for so long. Sounds like she’s a total moron

Hollywood Woman ‏ @HWoodWoman323 @stevenbward is not a misogynist. These woman are by far the tackiest of all the seasons. @eteffi is defensive ’cause the truth hurts.#VH1

Erica ‏ @IamAlabamaCrazy @stevenbward @eteffi Yeah. You can’t reason with stupid. Not worth your time.

In response to someone saying I was pretty: Mary Richards ‏ @maryrichards16 @eteffi @kueenkat @stevenbward she’s not though. Just stupid.

Wilnelia Merced ‏ @elitelatina21 @stevenbward @eteffi Dare I say that you have a potential candidate for next season…twitter audition?! This chick prob needs it

Bridget ‏ @xQueenBx @stevenbward is only standing up for what he believes in. Plus,@eteffi he’s make more money than you can even dream of helping women!

BeautySkinDeep ‏ @Love_JMcRae @stevenbward @eteffi Obviously she should stfu by now.. lol

Emily Rivero ‏ @rafaemi126 @stevenbward @eteffi you are obviously one of those women that needs help! He helps these girls get rid of their bad habits and find love


Is it just me, or do women need to start being nicer to each other?


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  1. * Alisha says:

    I guess I just don’t understand how this Steve guy has so many fans. I mean, how many women has he really “helped”? I can’t imagine why they are defending a D-list celebrity on twitter. My theory is that they all have daddy complexes and feel that they need a d-bag like Steve to tell them how to fix themselves.

    | Reply Posted 6 years, 2 months ago
  2. * Alisha says:

    So two things strike me as odd. First, why are people taking the time to defend a D-list celebrity on twitter? How many women has he actually “helped” to warrant this response? My theory is that a lot of women have daddy complexes that Steve is filling. Very damaged people see him as a way to fix themselves. Its more sad than anything else.

    | Reply Posted 6 years, 2 months ago

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