Tube Topix

What the what?

Hey peeps!  Welcome to Tube Topix, a blog all about reality TV. Who am I? Oh, I’m just a lady who enjoys travel, frozen yogurt, reading, Scrabble, wine, and reality television: the more scripted, ridiculous, and absurd, the better. More about me here.

So, why did I decide to create a blog devoted entirely to a medium that many believe to be, at best, a waste of time and, at worst, soul-suckingly evil? First, I’ve been a blogger since 2005 (not to brag), and over the years I realized that my first blog included a shocking amount of reality TV references.  I came to the conclusion that TV colors my world in some significant way. Instead of judging it, I decided to embrace it.

Second, television has the potential to be a fascinating art form. Even the trashiest trash on TV can be a lens into our society.  Tila Tequila wasn’t born in a vacuum, guys. We made this. We might as well watch it.

Third, there’s always a possibility that if my current profession fizzles out, I might seek work imitating contestants on reality shows. That’s a job, right? So, if you’re a wealthy businessman who is looking to pay a woman with a Harvard Law degree to sit around in your spacious, penthouse office and recreate fake-reality shows for 40 hours a week, email me (

In the meantime, please check out my current (and non-reality TV-related) blog at

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