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Stop cryin’, bro.

Here’s the thing about Jersey Shore. I still like it, but it’s getting kinda tedious. Same crap, different week. Every episode arc is like: Sammy/Ronny fight + GTL + grenade dodging + Snooki doing something while wearing fuzzy slippers outside + drunken fight at Karma + night vision shots of people sloppily making out + Sunday dinner. The end.

This week was no exception. Since there were no major plot developments, besides the extremely flimsy stripper pole that they added to the house, I’m just going to tell you who I’m liking and not liking right now.

My like list:

JWoww: So, I still irrationally like JWoww, even though by all accounts she can be kinda backstabby, cheats on her boyfriend, and has the most terrifying chesticles in the world. But, what can I say, I like her and her horrible life choices.

Deena: My love affair with Deena continues to blossom. She’s unabashedly ridiculous and kind of a drunk, but hey, who isn’t, right?

Pauly D: Love him. That is all.

My dislike list:

Ronny and Sammi: I have no words for how awful and boring they are. Except “awful” and “boring.” Why did Sammi tease us with the promise that she was leaving the house this week, only to stay? Ugh. And why, when she told her mother on the phone that she had punched her boyfriend in the face, was her mom all, like, “oh well, that happens”? UGH!!! And Ronny? STOP CRYING. Honestly, dude was crying for like 60% of the episode. And never before have I heard so many usages of the word “bro” interspersed with so many sniffles.

My neutral list:

Everyone else. Even the Situation has crept up from being actively disliked by me to being tolerated.  Progress!