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She-Devil Shauna

I am WAY behind in TV, since my boyf was visiting this weekend and we were too busy drinking wine and eating crap all weekend to watch any reality TV.   Anyway, the bf is doing his law school reading now so I have a spare moment to catch up on important tasks, like watching Millionaire Matchmaker.

This past week’s episode saw the return of the infamous Shauna, the hard-charging cougar from Minnesota who hates Patti and apparently hates any man who has aged out of casting for The Real World.  She’s terrible.  I don’t get why Shauna keeps coming back to Patti, though, since she clearly despises her and doesn’t respect her methods. It’s a mystery!

This episode also involved a millionaire named Michael, who seems cute and nice but kind of dull.  Patti makes him do some weird improv lesson (to “help him break out of his shell”), which Patti also participates in. At one point, she stood in the wings shrieking at Michael to kiss some girl in the improv class until he relented and pecked her.  Patti’s such a monster, and I love her!

K, so Shauna, against her better judgment, picks Marc, the “old guy,” who is 51 — that’s like dating Methuselah for Shauna.  For being so stinkingly ancient, though, Marc is pretty hot — and he used to date Heidi Klum!  Before the date, Marc sent Shauna a red dress to wear and she bitched about how awful and ugly it was.  Then, they meet up for the date and are about to get in the cab when Shauna runs back into the hotel and starts FREAKING the F out, screaming, “I cannot go anyplace with that guy! That guy is older than my grandpa!” Is her grandpa 9 years older than her? And a model? Because if so, that does seem like an apt comparison.

Later, Shauna says that the reason she ditched Marc was because “his energy didn’t work for me.” Then she blames Patti for “pushing” her to go on the date with Marc, which sends Patti over the deep end, obviously. Much shrieking ensues on both ends.  Then there is a sad shot of Marc dining alone at Spago, morosely sipping on a glass of red wine. Aw. Something tells me Hot Old Marc will be okay, though.

Finally, Shauna comes in to the office to get set up again and gives Patti a hard time AGAIN, causing Patti to unceremoniously kick her out of the Millionaires’ Club.  We’ll see if Shauna comes slinking back for more later in the season — she can’t seem to stay away!